Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 15, 2006

Recent Premieres of B.C. who served for more than one year

2001 – ? Gordon Campbell

From Wikipedia:

Campbell was arrested for drunk driving in January 2003 in Hawaii. He controversially pleaded no contest to the charges (an option not given in the BC justice system), and withstood demands for his resignation.

1996 – 1999 Glen Clarke

From Wikipedia:

Clark resigned suddenly on the night of August 25, 1999 following allegations that he had accepted favours (in the form of free renovations worth $10,000) from Dimitrios Pilarinos in return for approving a casino application. He was later formally charged with committing a criminal offence. The subsequent investigation spawned a media circus, infamously highlighted with live coverage of a police raid on the Clark household.

1991 – 1996 Michael Harcourt

From Wikipedia:

Harcourt resigned as premier in February 1996 as the result of “Bingogate“, a scandal in which an NDP member, David Stupich, used money raised by a charity bingo to fund the party. While Harcourt had nothing to do with the scandal, he took political responsibility for it.

1986 – 1991 Bill Vander Zalm

From Wikipedia:

The court case implied that Vander Zalm used his position as premier to promote his own business transactions by gaining access to cabinet ministers for Tan Yu and himself. Vander Zalm was forced to resign over the scandal in 1991


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