Posted by: Ian Bruk | July 13, 2006

Who is Donald Gutstein?

I know he writes for the Georgia Straight, but what, if anything, did Friedrich Hayek ever do to him? From his article:

Hayek, who became a Fraser Institute adviser, originated the idea of setting up fake scholarly organizations to supply authoritative studies demonstrating the superiority of markets over governments in solving all our problems. Why fake? Because a genuine academic organization would not start with a conclusion and then look for arguments and evidence to support it.

I would really like to have some supporting documentation to this claim. I think Hayek is one of the greatest thinkers of all time – the quote below the title of this weblog is a rewording of a Hayek quote.



  1. Thanks for contacting me. I like that you’ve quoted Gutstein’s oddest conclusion. Readers can probably judge for themselves how unfair it is. Gutstein can hardly criticize a self-proclaimed think tank of the right for doing exactly what every other think tank and lobby group from across the political spectrum is already doing.

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