Posted by: Ian Bruk | August 1, 2006

Bill Good should take some responsibility

Yesterday on the news he reported on what I guess you could call a $0.25 tax on each plastic bag used by shoppers. Though I agree there’s a problem I’m not sure this is the answer. Then at the end of the story Bill Good said he tried to contact Carole Taylor – the Minister who would ultimately be responsible for implementing such a tax. She was unavailable for comment .

As if she doesn’t have better things to do than talk to Bill Good about this. It seems this is the wrong approach and the wrong use of government. Make a stand Bill. Maybe part of the problem with the plastic bags is that people who are the major culprits in the proliferation of plastic bags are locked into the consumptive culture that your show promotes. Don’t look to Carole Taylor to deflect the isssue.


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