Posted by: Ian Bruk | August 7, 2006

Citizen politics and governance

From the Escapable Logic Weblog

Just as citizens can do journalism, we can do politics and, even better, governance. Truth be told, those of us in the middle value our common sense and decency more than we value our rage. We’re finally motivated to do the intervention we’ve been avoiding.

We know it’s time to impose overwhelming reasonableness on these errant socially-challenged adolescents who hijacked the family business while we weren’t watching the store. We’ll do it because we love this enterprise our ancestors formed. Reasonableness is what we do and we’re really not that good at prolonged nastiness. If we want to do revenge politics, we’d just have to hire the consultants again and start the same old karmic spiral. The political consultants would like nothing better. We have to take the other path.

Resettling the Public Square

Take ownership of your political life. Be heard.

Where the Many manage the Few, the way America was designed. Where citizens control their representatives; where their hitherto unheard voice is heard and acted on. Where politicians ignore you at their peril.

The Raging Middle. The Radical Middle. The Essential Middle. The Vital Middle. The Crucial Middle. The Crucial Center. The Majority Middle.

The American Middle is “us”. Not Democrats or Republicans, not consumers of endless, carefully prepared propaganda cleverly masked as “platforms” and “positions”.

We are not even a “party.” We are “us” – the people that own the country. Where politicians work for “us” not for their party, but for us, the people. Where our political representatives, our hired hands, do what they are told by their bosses—us.

For us to regain control of our country, to pry it from the interlinked
hands of the Fundamentalist Right and the Lunatic Left, we must seize the middle, where most of us live out our days, to use common sense to neutralize both ends of the insanity spectrum.

Between the Radical Right, who governs by Messages-from-God, and the Lunatic Left, who would like to govern by Utopian-wishful-thinking, combined they make up 30% of the voters leaving 70% of the political playing field wide open for people who have common sense—us. We are not going to destroy those folks, we actually need them to sharpen our wits and give us communication tools we can usurp to use for us.

Actually, “us” is U.S.


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