Posted by: Ian Bruk | August 30, 2006

The Decay of the Core and the Rise of the Edge

Bubblegeneration writing about the publishing industry. I think this applies to governments as well.

That’s because editing at the edge – reconstruction – is orders of magnitude cheaper and better: it’s a discontinuous jump in value creation.

You may have a core competence – editing – that creates core products – newspapers – but today you’re possibly better off not having one. That’s because you might, like Time, fall into a competence trap: your competence becomes a rigidity – it’s the only thing you really know how to, so you keep investing in it; even when the market’s collapsed it’s value completely.

What media players – and players across consumers industries – need, in a world where value shifts to the edge, are, unsurprisingly, edge competencies: ways to leverage the edge.

Makes me think. What is our government’s core competency anyway?



  1. […] I’m struggling with all the media about Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m wondering if, when push comes to shove, governments that tell us it is important that we support this war for freedom, will actually support that same freedom in our countries when government competence traps threaten prosperity? The following quote is from Communities Dominate Brands: […]

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