Posted by: Ian Bruk | November 24, 2006

Do Governments Support Free And Responsible Association

I’m struggling with all the media about Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m wondering if, when push comes to shove, governments that tell us it is important that we support this war for freedom, will actually support that same freedom in our countries when government competence traps threaten prosperity? The following quote is from Communities Dominate Brands:

I’d like to close with a speculative thought. As Francis Fukuyama wikipedia argues in his book Trust , there is a strong correlation between the prosperity of national economies and social capital, which he defines culturally as the ease with which people in a particular culture can form new associations. There is a clear synergy between the sociability that Fukuyama discusses and the technology and tools that support GFNs-both are structural supports for association. As the scale of interaction grows more global via the Internet, isn’t it possible that a combination of social capital and GFN capital will drive prosperity to those who recognize the value of network structures that support free and responsible association for common purposes?


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