Posted by: Ian Bruk | November 28, 2006

Preston Manning Fraser Institute Report

I heard Preston Manning interviewed on CBC Radio the other day. I was very impressed. Seems like a logical approach to government. He was asking what is the optimal mix of public and private spending and challenging others to try to answer the question. In looking up the report it appears that this is part 4 of a series. All the reports look interesting.

I wouldn’t be surprised if government doesn’t jump on this one. Let’s spend our time discussing whether or not the Quebecois is a nation. And after that what about that Reebok Nation anyway.

In searching for comments on the story I found a positive review at the weblog: Towards A Just Society. I also found an interesting article I missed:

During the recent civic election, of the more than 5,000 students at McMaster University who were elgible to vote on campus because they live in residence, only 10 showed up to cast a ballot. Yes, that’s right, 10 people voted on campus.

I think young people sense the disconnect that is politics and will come up with more progressive actions than voting.


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