Posted by: Ian Bruk | December 1, 2006

Bloggers Trailblazing Again

I have been following what is being called the Rojas-Winer-Calacanis Podcast Player Meme on the internet. Basically what is happening is three blogging heavyweights are toying with the idea of developing their own MP3 player. One of my favourite commenters is a weblog called Nick’s Notes. He first wrote a post titled “Getting What We Want and now one titled “Media player for the people by the people“.

A particular quote from the first story caught my eye:

Ultimately it all boils down to a market ecosystem where we the customers supply ourselves with the help of other customers who have the skills to fulfill our needs.

There’s something fundamental about this statement. Maybe this is what government is supposed to do – supply a market ecosystem. I’m not so sure about the market ecosystem we have. Im a sure that this ecosystem is constant flux and the meme I talk about above will be fun to watch.


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