Posted by: Ian Bruk | December 20, 2006

Rektide – Voodoo Warez Productions

From the comments to’s post about Google’s API’s:

i think the very phrase buisness case elludes the growing sense of the network thats being built. google just took a step away from the network, just as other companies will wax and wane in this same decision to participate or not to participate in the network. these are decisions of individuals, and i’m confident that no sum of individuals will ever stop the networked access of information from being the most pertinent and defining characteristics of this era. the defining characteristic of the network is its unpredictability, its infinite recombinant forms, the shapes we can never think of. i wish the best of luck to all the fools who think they can continue to exist in stable static forms of their own choosing, not seeing, hearing or speaking with the rest of the network, not allowing themselves to be shaped by it. these are people seeking existance in a vaccuum.



  1. now if only the network would kick into gear and actually friggin say something back to me. its so lonely up here on this pedastal i’ve placed myself on.

  2. and if my BIND hadnt randomly decided to freak out today. wtf?

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