Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 7, 2007

Playing Tag – In More Ways Than One

Before Productions is being renamed.

New Category Before Consulting – yes I have the domain.

Doing a circle tour. From Powell River down Vancouver Island to Nanaimo (Briefly on Gabriola) and then in Vancouver until Friday.

Before Consulting has a killer Web 2.0/Vancouver Olympics Idea. It could, however, launch prior to the Olympics and is designed to morph into a groundbreaking social network.


Consultation/Explanation $250 /Prototype $2,500 /My share of finished product $25,000 -Plus 10% of Gross/Net – details to be ironed out.

So if you recognize the opportunity the Olympics presents to innovatively capture some of the brand creation value that they are paying so dearly for a relatively minor investment I would be interested to talk to you.

A clue to my thinking. I think the GYM Club is working on replacing email with personalized, secure RSS feeds. Not only the quality of thinking but also the scope of displacement this opportunity presents.


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