Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 17, 2007

My Dream Job

is to start working with native indians. I have always wanted to understand them more. I believe Sliammon Nation is the closest to me.

I’m starting a new tag “More Native Than Natives” in an effort to be more like them.

Also, I’m a little tired of the name “British Columbia”. To save on the changeover and to start honouring the natives I think we should make B.C. stand for “Brave the Cave”. If anyone knows any Northwest Indian cave stories please comment them in. Yes I know BC Ferries should hire us too to plan on how to evolve their company and avoid being in Eclectic Eccentricity’s spotlight.



  1. Understang the Native culture, especially thier respect understanding and respect for the Nature is long overdue. However, we need not and cannot be more native than natives. And just as there is a need for non natives to understand the natives, so is ther a need for the Natives to understand the non natives. By mutual understanding and respect for each other, we would have a more harmonous and a more productive society.

  2. Hi, my name is Dana, I am travelling in Canada, and my dream is to meet some native indians because I love their way of thinking, the relation they have with the nature, the spirits…And I feel that I am an indian in my saoul. I would like to meet and help them. Do you know where it’s possible to meet some of them in British Columbia? thank you very much to help me, can you anszer as soon as possible at my mailbox please! thanks in advance, dana

  3. I found this link of the Native Indian Bands of BC. I guess it depends on where you are going to be in the province. As to which bands are the most approachable, which is how I interpret your comment, that’s a very good question and would love to hear how you make out.

  4. hi, thanks for answering. Well the thing is that I come from France and in my freinds and my neighbouhood, nobody really understand me, because I feel having an indian spirit 9in my way of thinking). I just love the native indians. And that’s why I also decided to come to Canada, because I would like to meet some of them, and like you I would like to understand them more and talking with people like I am.
    I am arriving in Vancouver first, and then I am going to Vancouver Island and then to Jasper, Kootenay national Park, Lake Louise and Banff natural park. So do you know if it’s easy to meet them there somewhere?? thanks also for your link, this might help me. Do you personlly know indians?
    thank to answer again, dana

  5. Unfortunately I don’t know any Indians. And just to let you know, I hear the correct term is “First Nations Peoples”. I found another link for you

    If you’re on Vancouver Island I would definitely recommend visiting the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. It is, in my opinion, one of the few “world class” exhibits of First Nations Art. You might also want to check out the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. I bet they could help you in your quest to meet some First Nations peoples.

  6. hi, thank you for the link and the informations. I have read in my guide that there is a great museum about the first native in Victoria and in Vancouver. I defenatly want to go there.
    If you want we can keep in touch, and I will tell you if I met some in Canada
    thanks for every thing,
    bye dana

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