Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 22, 2007

Agraria or Agrarial?

Though I am building an Agraria I am not so sure about the name. Our Agraria has a large focus towards animals. We have 4 horses, 3 dogs and 2 cats. So in honour of the animals maybe Agraria(l) is a better name.

I will start developing the business plan for the property. Basically we are looking to sell shares in the property. It is currently without encumbrances of the mortgage kind. Investments will entitle the owner of the investment to not only a share of the physical property and improvements but also to a share of the revenue as the production of the Agrarial ramps up. I’m also thinking of including a one  week stay at one of the cabins to be built – sort of like a time share.

Currently horse manure is the cash crop. We are developing large organic gardens. Long term we have a perfect sandy soiled south facing slope for grapes. There are also large amounts of wood on the property. The most abundant species is Cedar.

Price $25,000 per Non – Voting Share

Entitling Each Shareholder (Maximum 10 Shareholders) to the assets and income of the Agrarial – Full legal documentation pending.

5% of Physical Property of the Agrarial (5% of 19.25 Acres – approximately 1 Acre)

5% of Yearly Net Income of the Agrarial

1 Week Stay each year at the Agrarial

Collaborating in the development of the Agrarial


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