Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 22, 2007

Met this Cat

I’m tagging him Agrarial because I have decided the Agraria is definitely going to have a large animal presence. Both wildlife and domesticated animals. This guy’s pretty cute.

Huck the Cat



  1. Is Agrarial any relation to Viagra?
    Very cool sight et kitty.
    My dad’s 74th I just called him.
    I went by myself to the Waldorf and won three games in a row against some people WHO ARE VERY INSINCURE
    Someone suckerpunched me and broke my nose,
    bin avoiding mes parents until it completely heals
    Seriously, what is more pathetic-my lack of antennae instinct or this guy’s punch
    Fukin Q..Q.Q.T.T.T. Baby
    Eitherwise, good here
    Love David

  2. Oh
    thanks buddy
    I followed your advice and left a message on her machine
    The Joy Of Sex version of the Riot Act
    She’s gonna leave me a fuck off and die message, I know it.
    I met her 8 months ago today and I still think about her everyday
    Am I sick or what?
    Don’t answer the last question
    Still Luv Ya

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