Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 3, 2007

Idea for Drupal Module to increase Transparency

As we begin ramping up our consulting company and our production company we are first focusing on the possibilities of implementing productive web services with Drupal –  an open source content management system. We have several sites in development that we will release as they pass beta.

I was thinking that one thing we would like Drupal to do is to track our revenues and expenses. As the most basic form of content managed by Drupal is a blog post I was thinking that I would like, in applicable cases, to enter the revenues and expenses associated with each actvity or blog post at the same time as I make the post.

The quick search I did at did not turn up any accounting modules. I’m not sure whether the best way to proceed is to adapt something like the Flexinode module or to try and find some PHP based accounting program and modify it to work within Drupal’s content structure. We are, however, extremely interested in contributing to such a module and would love to hear from any other Drupal followers who might be interested.

To refer back to the title of this post – we believe and counsel our clients to be as completely open as we are in an “Age of Transparency“. We feel that though there will be hesitation on the parts of some governments and institutions the momentum will continue to build in this direction and a “bottoms up” enabler would be a Drupal Accounting Module.


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