Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 14, 2007

Please Turn Off “The Tap”

Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap that is.

I have only been listening to CBC Radio One since I moved to Texada Island a couple of years ago. There’s some things I really like about the station and a few that I don’t. A disturbing thing for me is that most of the things I don’t like are the new shows – Vinyl Tap is one of them.

There used to be a show called Finkelman’s 45’s which I was just starting to enjoy when he was replaced by Randy Bachman. It seems that the show is more about self-promotion than music. I found an interesting pro/con thread here that includes some great comments that mirror my concerns.

It doesn’t surprise me that Bachman is connected to Bruce Allen. He’s told the story about Bryan Adams waiting outside Allen’s offices for a year until Allen finally agreed to represent him saying something like it takes that kind of commitment to be a success in the music business. If find Adams’ and Bachman’s musical talents questionable. I welcome the Web 2.0 world where it’s more about the talent than the business case when it comes to music.

I’m just kinda bemused and wanting to learn more about the whole process that lead up to his taking over the slot. I’d love to hear from the CBC the justification for what they’re producing/paying to produce. It just doesn’t jive to me.


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