Posted by: Ian Bruk | July 17, 2007

Data Apathy and Democracy

Swivel calls it “Data Apathy“. The link is to a video presentation made OECD World Forum. What I find more inspiring is the Swivel blog post entitled: “Breaking the vicious cycle“.

Specifically this quote:

Because if people don’t care about data, politicians don’t care. Spin and opinion become the new currency – which leads to a cascade of misinformation where discerning fact from fiction is practically impossible. And, yes, the internet is only compounding this problem.

Watching the video and reading the post has, for the first time in a long time, synthesized my feeling that Web 2.0 is still on the right track. And the feeling that Facebook furor aside the most important developments from Web 2.0 will still be in the areas of Democracy and Government. 

Thanks to Adam Green at Grazr for leading me to this. I think Grazr shares a similar mission to Swivel – as I watched the Swivel video I felt these were the same reasons I am excited by the directories being viewed in Grazr.



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