Posted by: Ian Bruk | January 4, 2008

Bubblegeneration’s Back – Radically Inefficient

New Year’s Resolution to be all over this guy.

From one of his posts:

Success isn’t determined by how hard I can exclude you from scraping your data – but how effectively and efficiently I can help you share/use/reuse/hack/etc it.

Let me try and put it more simple. Data is inherently valueless in the edgeconomy, because it’s infinitely replicable. Any structure seeking to limit access to data will simply be too radically inefficient for the market to bear in the medium-long run. So a massconomy strategy of “owning” a massive stock of data is destined to crash and burn.

And from his comments a new tag!

Speaking of radical inefficiency these sentiments are echoed in Jon Udell’s synopsis of his conversation with the chief data architect of the Sunshine Foundation:

I increasingly feel that the reason for Congressional hearings to be open and recorded and annotated is market efficiency. The fed does not announce what it’s going to do with interest rates until it announces it to everybody. But is that the case for the rest of Congress and legislation? If I can afford to have a fulltime lobbyist going to the committee meetings, don’t I have an inside track? Can’t I arbitrage my market investments based on that? It’s a question of market efficiency.

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