Posted by: Ian Bruk | January 5, 2008

OK Bubblegeneration

Your latest post makes me think you should either start a Hedge Fund or a work of fiction. (I’d love to promote either one.)

Reading you I’m reminded of  E.A. Burtt’s “The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha”. which I found here.

“I bring you great and good news. There is a way from the crushing miseries of this transitory life to real happiness, and it is open to all.

(I love the categories: No Mind, Hive Mind, Heroic Mind, Poetic Mind and Never Mind)

I’ve got a challenge for you, inspired by ZDNet’s Irregular Enterprise, to explain, in your “economic” terms, why this is so exciting.

To this observer, the notion of collaboration makes a lot more sense because it embodies the idea of action in problem solving. That’s what this stuff is about – isn’t it? That’s why I’m watching what happens at Jive Software with Clearspace. Not heard of them? They’ve doubled revenues in the last year and are currently on target to reach $40 million in 2008. A drop in the enterprise ocean. In the near future, they’re looking to take the first steps in solving the knotty problem of integrating transaction based systems with the unstructured forms of collaboration that render value. If they pull that trick then Jive will have done something extraordinarily useful. Derived visible value from informal interactions but without the strictures of process control that inhibit creativity.

(My Bolding)


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