Posted by: Ian Bruk | January 19, 2008

We Are India TV

Going over one of Bubblegeneration’s latest posts entitled “The Strategic Bankruptcy of the Boardroom – Writers’ Strike Edition” I came upon a great post.

A taste:

And I’ll tell you why dishonesty here won’t do anyone much good. We’re now on the Internet. You know what sells, for how much, and how many times. And you know that in real time.
You also know who created, who developed, who marketed, who distributed, and who consumed. And you’ll know that with near 100% accuracy for each time the cycle of creation > consumption occurs. In real time.
So if you’re not able to clarify your position in the value chain, and fulfill it honestly, you’re toast. In real time.

4) Get creative. Like seriously creative. Why? Because one-size-will-NOT-fit-all. In fact, one size will probably satiate a millionth of your target market, and I’m feeling generous today in making that claim.
Realize that behind each user who has ‘access’, there is a device, a personality, a history, a geography, a list of contacts, a set of subscriptions, a budget, a set of preferences, a cluster of affiliations, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can branch out into each of those and realize that it’s a pretty complex democracy we have out there.
But that’s the catch. It’s not complex. It’s just diversity. It’s a democracy.


And We Are India TV seems to be powered by Marcellus. Checking them out I find: Publishing 3.0 – Building Democractic Media Networks.  



  1. thank you for the kind words. we’re trying…… =)

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