Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 19, 2008

NetSquared Mashup Challenge: 120+ Mashups for Social Change

Found the following at Read Write Web:

net2conflogo.jpgNonprofit tech assistance project NetSquared has opened the voting for their Mashup Challenge this week and it’s a great place to discover a long list of interesting mashups being built to make the world a better place.

We’ve written about one participant here before, MoveSmart, and another really good one (SocialActions) reached out to us this week with a handy Sproutbuilder widget embedded below.

Only a masochist would brave the interface for voting on the best of all 120+ entrants, but if you register for an account and peruse the tag cloud of topics then you risk only the trouble of excessive rhetoric and insufficient summary bullet points in the project descriptions. (Sorry!) Top vote winners will travel to the NetSquared conference where they can receive financial and technical assistance to propel their projects forward. Logistics aside, the contest is a great place to check out a bunch of cool mashups.

Netsquared is a project of the larger organization Compumentor, where you’ll also find related work being done at These are all great organizations (I used to work for NetSquared) that deserve the attention and support of the larger tech community.

Readers interested in nonprofit tech should also check out the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network,, whose national meetup is occurring this week in New Orleans. Both organizations represent large, vibrant and exciting communities of technologists and people who love them.

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