Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 24, 2008

Open Government Working Group

For future reference organizations that attended the workshop:

01 Carl Malamud carl [at] media [dot] org Public.Resource.Org
02 Tim O’Reilly tim [at] oreilly [dot] com O’Reilly Media
03 Greg Elin gelin [at] sunlightfoundation [dot] com Sunlight Foundation
04 Micah Sifry msifry [at] gmail [dot] com Sunlight Foundation
05 Adrian Holovaty adrian [at] holovaty [dot] com EveryBlock
06 Daniel X. O’Neil danx [at] everyblock [dot] com EveryBlock
07 Michal Migurski mike [at] stamen [dot] com Stamen Design
08 Shawn Allen shawn [at] stamen [dot] com Stamen Design
00 Josh Tauberer tauberer [at] govtrack [dot] us GovTrack.US
10 Lawrence Lessig lessig [at] pobox [dot] com Stanford
11 Dan Newman dan [at] maplight [dot] org MapLight.Org
12 John Geraci geraci [at] gmail [dot] com
13 Edwin Bender edwinb [at] statemoney [dot] org Inst. for Money
14 Tom Steinberg tom [at] mysociety [dot] org My Society
15 David Moore davidrussellmoore [at] gmail [dot] com Participatory Politics
16 Donny Shaw donnydonny [at] gmail [dot] com Participatory Politics
17 JL Needham jlneedham [at] google [dot] com Google
18 Joel Hardi joel [at] hardi [dot] org Public.Resource.Org
19 Ethan Zuckerman ethanz [at] gmail [dot] com Berkman
20 Greg Palmer jgpalmer [at] gmail [dot] com NewCo
21 Jamie Taylor jamie [at] metaweb [dot] com MetaWeb
22 Bradley Horowitz bradleyh [at] yahoo-inc [dot] com Yahoo
23 Zack Exley zack [at] zackexley [dot] com New Organizing Institute
24 Karl Fogel kfogel [at] red-bean [dot] com Question Copyright
25 Michael Dale dale [at] ucsc [dot] edu Metavid
26 Joseph Lorenzo Hall joehall [at] berkeley [dot] edu UC Berkeley
27 Marcia Hofmann marcia [at] eff [dot] org EFF
28 David Orban david [at] davidorban [dot] com Metasocial Web
29 Will Fitzpatrick wfitzpatrick [at] omidyar [dot] net Omidyar Network
30 Aaron Swartz me [at] aaronsw [dot] com Open Library

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