Posted by: Ian Bruk | April 2, 2008 and Larry Lessig

I noticed a sense of frustration over at

I also noticed from P2P Foundation that Larry Lessig has launched Change Congress.

I group them together because the frustration at Bubblegeneration, I think, is from not being able to nail down the transformation that is going on – I seldom read Bubblegeneration any more compared to following P2P Foundation. I think they should try and enjoy the ride rather than being frustrated they’re not driving.

And Lessig is kind of missing the mark because the transformation is changing government not Congress. But he has hit the nail on the head by going after the money.



  1. […] how the transformation infrastructure will be affecting education. Besides the statement (re my recommendation to Bubblegeneration readers to enjoy the ride) that: waves of technological innovation take […]

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