Posted by: Ian Bruk | April 2, 2008

Emancipatory Politics and Neo-Liberalism

There is a very interesting post over at P2P Foundation that attempts to understand governance in gaming worlds. I will have to look into this further. Some quotes:

I think the explanation is fairly simple: these attitudes are consistent with a neo-liberal theory of deservedness, and perhaps that is the most widely shared rubric of social justice as we begin the twenty-first century. Roughly, I would describe the neo-liberal theory as follows: if everyone is given the same opportunity to do things, and is subjected to only shallow, manageable risks, the fact that some people end up with great wealth and others do not is OK. People are assumed to be reliable agents of their own well-being and therefore any differences in accumulation having been chosen by them under just circumstance are not worthy of comment. Whether or not people are happy with the results, they have no claim against the State.”

However, what is of interest is this, given that gamers have voice and therefore power, they do unrelentingly insist for equality of opportunity, something they are unable to do in our flawed real-world democracies.

This is an interesting avenue for emancipatory politics, we may conclude.


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