Posted by: Ian Bruk | April 3, 2008

I had forgoten about I, Cringely

until reminded by P2P Foundation. Cringely now writes about how the transformation infrastructure will be affecting education. Besides the statement (re my recommendation to Bubblegeneration readers to enjoy the ride) that:

waves of technological innovation take approximately 30 years – one human generation – to be completely absorbed by our culture. That’s 30 years to become an overnight sensation, 30 years to finally settle into the form most useful to society, 30 years to change the game.

Some other quotes that caught my eye:

The University of Phoenix is supposedly preparing a complete middle and high school online curriculum available anywhere in the world. I live in Charleston, SC where the public schools are atrocious despite spending an average of $16,000 per student each year. Why shouldn’t I keep my kids at home and online, demanding that the city pay for it?

Technology is beginning to assail the underlying concepts of our educational system – a system that’s huge and rich and so far fairly immune to economic influence. But the support structure for those hallowed and not so hallowed halls has always been parents willing to pay tuition and alumni willing to give money, both of which are likely to change over a generation for reasons I’ve just spent 1469 words explaining. We are nearing the time when paying dues and embracing proxies for quality may give way having the ability to know what kids really know, to verify what they can really do



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