Posted by: Ian Bruk | April 17, 2008

Pan Anarchy for Data

This great article by Dana Gardner at Seeking Alpha points to the need for the coming anarchy of data and the necessity to embrace this development.

You can’t move at internet time without being on the internet.

If you don’t use what’s free from the web and clouds, and your competition does, then what?

It’s now clear that the current mentality of data and its place is holding us back in unacceptably unproductive ways.

The data that impacts and drives your company is a complex system not unlike the weather, or quantum-level particles. Try and grab and control that rainbow, if you will. Probability rules, not exactitude.

There is a huge productivity opportunity for those that can re-think data, from concept to execution, that can exploit the gathering clouds. This requires radical rethinking

And just as you are in cozy partnership (like you have a choice) with your ERP or SOA vendors, enterprises and businesses of almost all sizes will be in partnership soon with the clouds. The shared and protected data alike will be scattered about, too complex for closed marts and masters. The cloud that can manage data in a way that allows both user-level and process-level access, with granular permissioning — and allows CXOs to feel good about it all — gets the gold ring. The cloud business is a 50-year business.


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