Posted by: Ian Bruk | April 19, 2008


Again from the P2P Foundation a link – my bolding:

This theory describes concepts which, once implemented by making and using new software online, would provide a new, better political order of the society without government. These ideas are inspired by a search for “perfect logic” like the one of economic liberalism.
The present free market system has practical defects, but also some ideas of perfection, which can inspire us to invent the following more global and complete “perfect” solutions to old problems that had no good solution before, like those of expressing and enforcing the general interest and resisting corruption. The solution consists in rebuilding everything on communication freedom instead (unlike the traditional foundation of anarcho-capitalism on private property, though private property will be most often respected, even more than now); in particular, money will be defined no more as a private property but as a social information, though it will have most often the same use as now except that banks and banknotes will disappear.
From liberalism, is kept the idea of not using force (precisely, to make the use of force unnecessary for the political order). This makes it possible to implement the new system anywhere with no need of any support by the existing political system.
The core idea is to have databases of trust declarations and complaints between users, and to handle them logically: everything can be considered subjectively, only trusting the declarations of trusted people. Disagreements will be discussed online until the coherence of information is reached (which should logically happen). A new power system completes this, with special trust declarations which delegates anyone’s “powers” to anyone else.
Indeed, money is a mere social convention, and, thanks to its virtualisation, it can take any value the rest of the society freely considers to be fair. A new monetary theory is developed, based on credits between people.


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