Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 21, 2008

Not rise of Peeracy – rise of Anarchy

From P2P Foundation Blog:

If we look at the new digital possibilities we could easily conclude that they bring a built-in revolutionary device in them selves. Digital Culture initiatives, can play a fundamental role in shaking away the inertia of the traditional politics that has secluded society from public life, generating a vacuum of critical political thinking and even producing cynicism, especially in governmental sectors. We need to aknowledge that traditional politics is failing in advancing democracy and social development. The conversion of the digital technologies, has created around the Internet a totally peaceful revolution. A bottom up unrest, happening everywhere, which I see as a very positive sign of the rising of a non governmental political movement that I believe to be a direct and matured result of cultural and countercultural movements of our most recent history, in their increasing power to influence public policies.


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