Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 3, 2008

P2P Foundation Echoing Hayek and Toffler

From one post:

The real task for libertarians and other defenders of sound economics and law is not to try to devise law from purely voluntary origins, an impossible task, but to make sure the ex ante laws make voluntary bargaining possible and discourage coercion and extortion (by any party, including political property rights holders or governments) as much as possible.”

And another post:

The first is an editorial by William Easterly in the Financial Times, which discusses a recent report of the World Bank on development, and concludes that the era of development expertise is over. The gist is that in a morphogenetic society (where everything constantly changes), nobody can really be an expert, and what is needed is the involvement of the seven billion inhabitants of the planet. But what the author may imply by citing Hayek, is perhaps the total marketization of society? So at the bottom of this article, I’d like to restate the differences between market as a distributed mechanism, and true p2p/participatory processes originating in civil society.


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