Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 17, 2008

Real Time Monitoring of Transformation Infrastructure

One of my favourite new sites is TreeHugger.

At some point I should analyze what attracts me so much to the site. As someone told me Green is the next bubble – that might be part of it. But for now an article caught my eye that points to a transformation in the housing market. An excerpt:

“What is going to happen is lower and lower-middle income families squeezed out of downtown and glamorous suburban locations are going to be pushed economically into these McMansions at the suburban fringe,” said Nelson. “There will probably be 10 people living in one house.”

John Laumer reminds us that this happened before- after World War II all the big downtown houses were converted to rooming houses while those with money chased the suburban dream, and also notes that new urbanism isn’t the only thing driving this trend, it is also the price of gas and where the job growth is.


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