Posted by: Ian Bruk | July 9, 2008

Good Synopsis of Hayek

Found here: (Spontaneous Order might be a good alternative to the use of the word Anarchy – which, wrongly, has negative connotations)

Hayek’s two general themes are that the managed society does not work and that it is incompatible with freedom.

He argues that there are two types of order:

CONSTRUCTED ORDER (example: government planning)

SPONTANEOUS ORDER (prime example: the market)

Hayek, believes that whilst the role of the state’s constructed order is important, it has to be limited. This is a position very like Adam Smith’s and you will find it useful to compare Hayek and Smith.

Hayek says that constructed order generally goes wrong if it does any more than provide favourable conditions for spontaneous order. The most important favourable condition to spontaneous order is the rule of law.


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