Posted by: Ian Bruk | July 9, 2008

Mark Pesce

– 50,000 years of cultural transformation are going to compressed into about 20 years.

– hyperconnected world enables successful behaviours to be quickly oberserved and copied becoming global and nearly instantaneous.

– does not allow for privacy, secrecy and ownership – tenets of Liberalism.

– Liberal era knowledge is scarce, new order more something is shared more valuable it becomes.

– we are asked to believe that somehow politics will be different – it will not.

– Thomas Hobbes war of all against all.

(have to check out Hobbes. found so far:

Hobbes imagines a state of nature in which each person is free to decide for himself what he needs, what he’s owed, what’s respectful, right, pious, prudent, and also free to decide all of these questions for the behavior of everyone else as well, and to act on his judgments as he thinks best, enforcing his views where he can. In this situation where there is no common authority to resolve these many and serious disputes, we can easily imagine with Hobbes that the state of nature would become a “state of war”, even worse, a war of “all against all”.

Link to video.


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