Posted by: Ian Bruk | November 5, 2011

November 2011 Monthly Musing

Occupy Vancouver – Occupy Everything – Arrest Everybody

Pornography and Willy Wonka
Anarchy, The Rule of Law and The Angel of Death.

Why I’m Here

The other day a guy said: The longer I’m away from my girlfriend the more questionable my taste in pornography becomes. With the government I feel the longer they have been under the sway of lobbyists and power brokers the more questionable whether or not they are doing their job has become.

When I hear the rhetoric I keep seeing Gene Wilder from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory leaning into my ear and saying “Scratch That, Reverse It” I’m looking for What is True. I have a hunch that many of my heroes would not be quick to close this down. I question the agendas of people who do.

As far as Anarchy goes I’m sick of the simplistic image of anarchists as hooded black men who break windows and rob stores.

I’m sorry but scratch that and reverse it.

Today someone posted on Facebook  that the Anarchists have now targeted the Mexican Drug Cartels. Is this not good for us? Is not anarchy a model of successful governance on the internet? The last time Anarchy reared its supposedly ugly head was prior to the Second World War. The Spanish Anarchist slogan was “All Power is Reactionary” – I looked it up it means “All Power is Against Change”. Can it get much simpler than that. Anarchists are people who are for change. Is not black the new white?

As for the Rule of Law this is a greyer area. Peter MacKay would have you believe that The Rule of Law is what we are fighting for in Afghanistan. And the reason we are building more prisons. And this general Conservative fueled outrage against people breaking the law.

Scratch That – Reverse It.

A much stronger and nobler interpretation of The Rule of Law is that the government is not above the law. And acting in the interests of business in preference over their constituency of citizens is basically against the law. If the Conservatives are concerned about people respecting the law lead by example. And watch yourself when you are so sure it’s right to go into a how many 1000 year old civilization like Afghanistan and think you’re going to be a white knight and clean it up at the expense of your employees lives.

The way I heard it Jack Layton and the NDP in his second to last election actually hinted that their might be collusion between the government and the Telcos – then it fell off the radar. If the NDP wants to be elected nationally or provincially it has to change – maybe hire some anarchists to strategize with you.

I read the other day that the government had changed its symbol to a condom. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks and gives you a sense of security while you’re being screwed. And you ask why people don’t vote? Maybe all political parties should be more concerned with impressions like these rather than their petty popularity contest conducted with worn out processes.

Lastly the Angel of Death.

When you are walking on thin ice. When you are seeing through people rather than seeing them through this mob may look horrific to you. But I sense that your ego is closed.

Scratch that, reverse it.

When you have compassion for people. When you see the Occupiers that want to “Make A Living” not “Take A Living”. When your ego is Open this can be seen as a beautiful effort.

And if you should choose to seek a leader or voice in this I suggest Ray Dalio as he appeared on Charlie Rose. And if your first impression is that you maybe should not be listening to a Wall Streeter who single handedly made more money than Google, Amazon and eBay combined in 2010.

Scratch That – Reverse It.

He is the most thoughtful and caring man I have seen. Maybe the Liberal party before it leads us through another leadership hide and seek should look for people in their party who could emulate this man.

Dalio’s Opinion: This is a test of us and our society.

When people disagree you have the potential of learning a lot. Ask why we disagree and work through it and learn. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Dalio believes we are not dealing with this in the best possible way. Talking, Criticizing and looking for Blame is a problem. We have to talk calmly and logically endeavouring to find an approach  and deal with this situation in the best possible way.

What is true? How do we best handle it? A potential or actual social tragedy. So this exercise of reaching consensus through a collective gathering such as this might come in pretty darn handy in the future. Be very careful about shutting this down and going back in our holes.

Reality works in a certain way. Stop hiding reality. At least Wikileaks is attempting to show us the reality. We know you  have been systematically using your laws to secure your futures with our money. We know that there is a much more economical  way to do what you do to run this country. Show us. Again work with us so we can all make a living. Don’t use us to take a living.

It’s more valuable to know that you don’t know. So Steven Harper, quit pretending you’ve got this team that can steer Canada the right way. The Machine we are living in is way beyond your, or your co-horts, comprehension. You need these people here, and others, to formulate a strategy. Worry about maybe being wrong rather than pretending to have the ability to be right the majority of the time. Start becoming comfortable with being incompetent and stop pretending to be competent. The cost of being wrong is a terrible thing.

P.S. I would love to consult for the Liberal Party of Canada


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