Posted by: Ian Bruk | January 16, 2012


The other day B.C. Ferries refused 2 of my pieces of luggage not allowing them to be put on the conveyor. After coming up with emergency backup plans, getting rid of the 2 pieces (my brother was forced to deal with them), slowly making my way onto the ferry with the 100+ pounds I had in my pack and the one piece of luggage I was allowed to carry (thanks for the help B.C. Ferries employees – oh yeah I forgot – “You just work there.” I’m not supposed to bother you with my concerns.) I made my way to the Chief Steward.

I asked the Chief Steward for supporting documentation on why they had refused my luggage. He said he didn’t have any documentation. I asked what the 12 or so filing cabinets beside him contained. He didn’t like that question. He told me to phone the 1-800? number. I didn’t like that answer. I phoned. My luggage was refused because it was non-conventional. Non-Conventional? Do I have to give them my jacket because it has a pocket on the sleeve which is very non-conventional? I forget the answer to that.

This story goes on and on and on …

It will slowly be revealed. But I will also have a chance to share my B.C. Ferry stories on the Easter Weekend. Because the “Wake” for David Hahn’s Leadership (Presidency?) of B.C. Ferries is back on. There are a lot of things to discuss on those 4 days. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There is a lot of work to do.



  1. To expect a BC ferries employee to respond positively or proactively is like expecting an enuch to become aroused. They have no reason to perform, and what little regard they may have had towards their passengers has been long-since burned out, as they take the flack for the decisions made in an office far from the sea.

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