Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 6, 2012

The Trauma of Monopolies

Yesterday I had a good feeling (turned out to be completely wrong) about the Super Bowl. I asked the local reseller how to play the game. He was busy. I ended up phoning B.C. Lotto. I spent about half an hour trying to understand how to play. I finally figured it out – I think?

What is interesting is that twice during the conversation other dysfunctional issues with B.C. Lotteries came up. This was an opportunity to help them figure it out. I gave him my company email twice and he said he would forward it to the proper department. What are the odds of me receiving an email I wonder? Then at the end of the conversation which they record I asked him to email me the conversation. He couldn’t promise anything on that issue. I kind of doubt I will receive it.

Anyway back to the bet. I said I think I have it figured out and thanks. He then floored me. He said I could not bet solely on the Super Bowl. I would have to add another game. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the other games. Is that their strategy? Lol !!!

I said I wish he had told me that at the outset. I didn’t want to bet on another sport and would not place a bet period.

Another day in the life of living with monopolies in B.C. – oh the joy.

Monopolies? B.C. Ferries is another monopoly. At least I will have a chance to talk about that trauma at this event.


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