Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 7, 2012

Is Rex Murphy an Idiot?

He sure sounded like one on Sunday.

I was in and out of my cabin.

I heard him talking aggressively to some caller.

Somethings like: “Don’t assume I have a pension. There you go again painting people with another person’s brush. Other idiotic stuff.”

Nothing about the fact that the woman had a good point. She was questioning costs of things.

What the hell Rex was doing was beyond me.

Is he an alcoholic? The fuzzy logic must come from somewhere. As does the “pomp” he displays.




  1. An idiot? Close. He’s a neo-con shill who supports ANYTHING as long as it props up the Harperites and will find ANYTHING to try to bring down the NDP and the Liberals. Everyone’s allowed an opinion, but the fact that he presents himself as a neutral non-partisan commentator is shameful. So, you’re right. And I’m not surprised.

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