Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 21, 2012

Whither Government? Whither Government?

I have a recall of Steve Harper telling the citizens of Canada to “Trust The Experts”. I think he was trying to say that they (the government and the civil service) know what they are doing. That though some of their decisions one might want to question they are “expert” at what they are doing.

Let’s give him a chance. Let’s say he is right. Well then I am logical. I have to follow logic with logic. Months? Years? ago I heard an extremely interesting show on CBC. The show was Ideas and the episode was called “Living on Oxford Time“. My memory of the show is as follows:

Three freelance Quantum Physicists (talk about a tough road to hoe – being a freelance Quantum Physicist), all living in Oxford, England, all said, in differrent words, that our perception of time as a river is wrong. That if time flowed like a river the world was unexplainable (sort of like how Steven Harper became Prime Minister). They said “The present” (not the gift of Steven Harper’s leadership but “present time” as living people experience it) is no more in the present than the day Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany (Hmmm is that Steven Harper’s present?).

So logically, trusting the experts, the time when you could smoke anywhere you want is just as much in the present as today with its pothole filling laws. So I will ask our MP, John Weston, actually I won’t ask I will just send him this link,to make smoking legal everywhere in Canada as it is now – in the present. Why outlaw something that everyone is presently doing? That everyone presently supports? I just hope he doesn’t say only to trust the experts in certain situations. I hate snobs.

Chief (There is only one freedom – economic freedom (Somerset Maugham)) Outhouse Correspondent



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