Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 22, 2012

Class Action Lawsuits in British Columbia

It’s not my fault. I tell people now: “I refuse to be punished for my talents.” I was not allowed to participate in the Grade 3? times tables in elementary school – I was so fast that none of the other kids could answer. So I had to sit out. And you wonder why I am pondering a Class Action Lawsuit against the Provincial Government? Shouldn’t they have recognized this was a talent? That was fucking traumatic. Then they proceeded to teach me one thing: “That Monopolies are Bad”. Then they force me to live under their monopolies: ICBC, BC Lotto, BC Hydro? Medical System? It is boring to go on – you get the idea. That is also textbook trauma is it not? That is why Iam launching a Trauma And Addictionas Recovery Centre. I know what trauma is. And I am not insane – they are. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Kind of like voting in B.C.?


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