Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 23, 2012

Not Everyone Can Be A Princess

I heard the other day that Yoko Ono wanted to be a Beatle. I thought the nerve of her. Everyone wanted to be a Beatle. Then I remembered that there is an epidemic of young girls who want to be princesses. I told a teacher that they need to know about Yoko Ono. By learning about Yoko Ono (if this is true) they will realize that only a few people are lucky (???) enough to be a princess or a Beatle.

The Chief Outhouse Correspondent wants to know if it is true what he heard that Disney? is partly responsible for this epidemic of princesses? Apparently they market this princess thing. Well if that is the case: (to paraphrase the great Billy Crystal)  “This would not rook mahvelllous”. This would be a stain? on an already (aren’t they the company who ripped off ideas back when Walt was running things and then turns around and spends millions to protect the rip offs?) stained? past?


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