Posted by: Ian Bruk | February 28, 2012

Service Canada? Byss Services Inc. We WILL Service – God Willing

I and my company have some issues with Service Canada. Iam getting really tired of finding one piece of shit after another but here goes. Iam in recovery. Fuck that. I have recovered and now I am cleaning up the mess. So I walk into Service Canada to deal with the two big ones. Revenue Canada and Industry Canada.

I happen to be there before it opens so I line up with a couple of other people. The doors open and we head to the reception counter. From there we are told to go to the booths. So even though it is Service Canada they can’t help with my main issues of taxes and company registrations. And they can’t help find me a subsidy for a 15 year old Native Indian genius I want to represent with my production company. They give me a number to call for that. When I get back to the place I’m staying (Iam the Homeless CEO) the first sub-contractor to the government they asked me to phone says I must contact another sub-contractor. That sub-contractor tells me I have to go to Service Canada. Hard to take for the CEO of the most Productive, Progressive and Care Full company in Canada.

A couple of weeks later I head back to Service Canada to tell them what happened. I know I want to speak to someone higher up rather than get another run-around waste of time. A “Team Leader” is sent to help me. Team Leader? What are your qualifications to be a Team Leader? Did you go to Team Leader school? They, trained in the art of getting a client arrested, says “I am taking one step back.” I forget what I said? “Watch your step?” I persist in an angry tone because I am angry. I am angry that they are totally overpaid while this is costing me time and money. Totally unfair. They say: “I am taking another step back.” I know that a couple more steps back is the phone to the RCMP but I haven’t done anything wrong. And I let them know that. And as I exit I say: “You should all be ashamed of yourselves, taking a living instead of making a living.”

I want this all on record. They still haven’t helped me at all with anything. And I would love an accounting of what this nothingness costs. A higher up to the Team Leader told me over the phone that yes, yes it will eventually be Service Canada. That was the plan. For all aspects of the Federal Government to be serviced from there. But the systems (they overpaid for?) are harder to synchronize than was thought. Wow Wow Wow. What’s the rush though? They seem adequately compensated and the citizen once against pays with their time and money.


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