Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 9, 2012

I Don’t Want To Hear Discrimination …

I don’t want to see discrimination. But I wholeheartedly support the government induced discrimination.

That is what I want to say to a group of naysayers in Ontario. Because they are trying to poison a potential ally of mine. They don’t like the handle: “Bitch Nigger the Ditch Digger”. Fuck them. I will tell them to get a life.

And once they get a life like I have they will start to see the discrimination. You are discriminated against if you don’t have a credit card. You are discriminated against if you smoke. The government and all the “takers of a living” they employ spend their days fomenting discrimination among everyone. But it is most obvious to people who are trying to “make a living”.

And when you have faced discrimination for a large part of your life. And when you live on the island of discrimination. You can call yourself “Bitch Nigger the Ditch Digger” and hold your head high.


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