Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 16, 2012

The Pusher Men?

Decisions, decisions. Whether tis nobler in …. oops wrong quote. Whether to buy drugs off the dealer or to go through the government sanctioned pharmaceutical supplier? What’s a poor little rich boy to do? The government tells me, by throwing them in jail and taking away the key, that drugs are bad. The government tells me, by going on pharmaceutical industry financed junkets, that pharmaceuticals are good.

But I, who do neither street drugs, to honour my recovery, or pharmaceuticals, to honour my dead mother, am left with decisions, decisions on how to deal with the mixed emotions both drugs produce in my Others. Is it a Co-Incident? Yes it is. Because both me and My Other have to deal with it. I think the perfect person to figure this out is The Chief Outhouse Correspondent. Right after he is done puking in the outhouse.


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