Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 19, 2012

City Mouse Country Mouse

Siti Mouse Country Mouse. Sit I Mouse – Country Mouse. I’ve got a thread going on Texada Island History. Where I say “Iam Texada”. Iam is my nickname. It works for me and my Meta4s. My most important word. Alles Vergangliche Ist Nur Ein Gleichness. Everything transitory is but a metaphor. People are transitory. People are metaphors. I am a person. Iam A Meta4. Iam Texada.

And I live in a circle jerk. And speaking of Texada History let’s hear some. Let’s hear about Ian’s Circle Trips – financed solely by himself (with his family’s help) over the years. And the lucky recipients were (in no particular order):

Shelley Moberg

Tim Gorosh

Alex Miller

Dave Bidiuk

Mike Tremblay

Kandi Wilson

So let’s hear some history. Let’s hear about the city mouse taking the country mice on his road trips. Let’s hear it for Iam. Fuck the fucking fuckers.


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