Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 19, 2012

I am Iam

I am tired of writing “(my nickname)” after “Iam” every time I write it without the space. This is what is forcing me to embrace Iam as my nickname. And my company controls the domain And that is where I will move all my web sites (except our corporate web site).

Iam the Chief Outhouse Correspondent (
Iam (I was) made to Communicate The Other (
Iam People, Places and Things in B.C. (

And Iam hoping that his partner in all this Anjum (IAnjum? or IAn jum?) will sign on and develop:

Iam IAnjum (

And then we’re going to one by one go through the people we have met on this journey and see if they want a web site, or have an idea for a web site, or know someone who wants a web site. And we will rock this world (Watch Out World as Communicate The Other states), and the prices will be so low that they will seem free.


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