Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 20, 2012

Create Wealth Don’t Chase Wealth

I received an email today that contained that quote. I like it. My company is trying. It is trying to create wealth. To “make a living”. It is not chasing wealth. It is more concerned with doing what it loves and believes that the money will follow. People who “take a living” do it out of the chase for wealth? To be successful as described by the media and the advertising industry?

The Lemming Hearted Hordes Running Ever Faster To The Shore – as Jethro Tull would say?

One of the reasons I can do what I love, that I can write this blog and “Communicate The Other” is that Iam (my nickname) also The Spiritual Day Trader (Actually I am more of a positional trader). And I trade Meta4s. Iam still all about the numbers. And now I have help with the numbers. But I am more interested whether a company’s business model alligns with “The End Of The World As We Know It”.

And when I have a great day like I did yesterday. When not only two of my trades had killer days, when not only did I write four full posts to my four web sites, when not only did I work outside and fulfill a two year old debt by mauling a tree apart, when not only did I continue working on my Fitness Craze, when not only did I do more legwork for my Personal Shopping Service, when not only did I help a guy with a gal, when not only did I continue to research my writings – I did it with a sense of humour. And I had a blast. It is great when all the irons in the fire fire on all cylinders. How many correspondents could say that?


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