Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 29, 2012

Being Held Back

Two Sundays ago CBC Radio The Sunday Edition had a piece on government’s involvement in the promotion of gambling. I got the general feeling that it is questioning their involvement? Was it, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing? It talked about the number of people addicted to gambling and said the number was higher than that of people addicted to drugs. I was initially shocked but then upon thinking again thought I could see that.

But even more irritating to me than the problem gambling is this. I think the Lotteries have created a class (or classless) bunch of people seeking instant gratification. I am trying to “make a living”. And I am looking for people who want to “build a future”. But I can’t find any. Everybody wants all the money up front. Well there is no money. Not until we “make” some. I have many initiatives but nobody believes. So we have a bunch of non-believing, non-working people seeking instant gratification – right on. And I believe the lotteries, besides making me wait in line longer than usual at most stores, are partly responsible for this. Good job government! – Not!

Simply Red – Holding Back The Years


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