Posted by: Ian Bruk | March 30, 2012

Some Of The Things I Bring To The Table

Back when I originally worked at CounterPath I remember explaining to them that part of my value was that I only was able to listen to CBC Radio One. Not only was I exposed to the news of the day but also their shows Ideas, The Current, As It Happens and some assorted others. I was a pulse on current events and consumer attitudes and behaviours. They, like so many other things, did not “get it”. They, and Rethink, still do not get it. I suspect they suffer from Self Obsession and a large degree of snobbery. Whatever, as Carol Burnett said, “As The Stomach Turns”. As my stomach turns when I think of the depth of their hubris.

Anyway the last few days were spent in the company of CBC Radio again. And what a source, a river, of ideas for further investigation:

Open Medicine, Doctors speaking out on the War on Drugs, Christy Clark being exposed as having “no clothes”, Kwakiutl (one of the great warring Native Indian tribes?) being so close to me? in Port Hardy?, Adrian Dix being caught on Skytrain without a ticket? and the Pope telling Cuba to be more open?

And I have come to a realization or position on society as a whole. All the crap that is going on is good. It is necessary. The Phoenix Bird (Society) is building its nest from which it will rise again. The total disarray of the world is supplying the ash for the nest. So unlike Nero who fiddled while Rome burned I am singing while the world burns. For it is out of the ash of the old world that the new world society (The Phoenix) will rise again. How to position yourself for not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it, is the greatest asset of my company. And the reason that CounterPath, Rethink, Elizabeth Hodgson and New Society Publishers are idiots not to have contracted my services – that is what snobbery, self obsession and hubris will get you.

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