Posted by: Ian Bruk | April 1, 2012

Looking Back (Progress Not Perfection)

Looking at my last post I realize how little I care about “Current Events”. They seemed interesting at the time but a day or two later the magic is gone.

What I care about is a story I heard yesterday. A story that is almost exactly reminiscent of something that happened to me. Yet in my case I was the bad guy. In this case the “victim”?, and I use that term loosely (Remember the Dalai Lama said: “Your enemy is your friend and your friend is your enemy”), the victim is the bad guy.

And The Other is just misunderstood? The general feeling is for everyone to get over it. But not in my case – in my case it is different? – Not !!! in my mind. And Iam The Emperor Of Nothing Is Right Or Wrong Only Thinking Makes It So Land.

Is there any wonder I am able to use the Meta4 “Bitch Nigger The Ditch Digger” with relevance? Hey Boss Snob (my sidekick) I think we got a case of snobbery and/or favouritism and/or SOFT (Self Obsessed Fuckedup and Traumatized) behaviour going on here.


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