Posted by: Ian Bruk | April 13, 2012

I Refuse To Be Punished For My Talents

Yesterday something happened to me involving an Other person that is paramount in my mind this morning. Because it concerns an Other it seems a natural topic for my website “Communicate The Other“. But I find myself writing about it here. The reason is that the Other interested my from a political perspective. Chief Outhouse Correspondent is primarily a political web site.

What happened is, even though I am told to never assume, someone blatantly ignored my needs. And this is a person whose needs I have been trying to meet. But that is not even what I want to write about. phat can be forgiven remembering we are striving for progress not perfection.

What I am talking about is the feeling I get about the Other person who illuminated me about the circumstances that lead me to assume I was “jilted”. This guy really gets my goat. And it is for political reasons. He thinks, as do I, that there are a lot of things wrong. He does not think, unlike I, that Anarchy is a viable option. I am willing to debate this but he’s kinda stuck in his ways. Now I see his actions in his life as sypmtoms of some dis-ease. I had considered working with the person when I first met him as I was impressed with the amount of information they process. But I am not going to coddle the codger. My political thoughts are way beyond theirs.

I refuse to be punished for my talents, by putting up with SOFT (Self Obsessed, Fearful and Traumatized) people with far lesser talents. I can help them if they are willing I cannot help them if they are not willing. I am reminded of a new T-Shirt idea I had: “Move Along Or Define Your Problem”.


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