Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 9, 2012

I Love Words And Word Play

Before I became The Emperor Of Nothing Is Right Or Wrong Only Thinking Makes It So Land I was a serf working for The Queen and Prince Of Leave Us Alone Land. And this photo reminds me of them. I mean who wants to be controlled? Not me. And I am a disciple of Friedrich Hayek who, as I understood him, was mostly against coercion (forced control) by the state. That’s why I like to work “in the bush” far from the mad crowds. It is the most “stateless” frame of mind I can attain. But I am, above all, open – open to new ideas and “Other Ways Of Looking At Things”. But I’m reminded of the Irishman in “Braveheart”” who said: “I’m pretty sure I’ll be OK but the rest of you are (going to be) fucked (by the state)”.


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