Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 12, 2012

Man Of Many Hats

Besides the opening of our store. It is the grand opening of TACT – (Texada Island Arts Culture and Tourism Center?). It is located two blocks from our head office and store. The Chief Outhouse Correspondent, a brand of Byss Services Inc.’s production company “Making A Seen Production” will be there to check it out and “follow the money”. Because though COC is alligned with his company’s motto: “There is only one freedom – economic freedom” there’s a lot of other shit going down in the world. And one rule of thumb is to follow the money. And COC wants to know why his company has not received any monies from TACT. 

Oh here’s the hat COC will be wearing because “Getting Down To Byssness Consulting And Advising” is working on a sponsorship deal from Audi. How about this Rethink? You overpaid bums ever come up with something this simple and effective?

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